Democrats and Middle East Policy

According to our least favorite news and gossip source, CNN: “Arab governments are looking for change in U.S. policy in the Middle East after the midterm elections… One thing they hope for is that a politically weakened President Bush would talk

What is a “Progressive”?

What do you think it means when a group of people elect to change their well-known moniker or label?  If you haven’t noticed, Democrats that heretofore were known as “Liberals” now refer to themselves as “Progressives”.   You can read about

The Twelve Rules of Christmas

With all of the controversy around separation of church and state, the Rutherford Institute has defined what they consider as the “Twelve Rules of Christmas” for what can or cannot be done in terms of celebrating the holiday: 1. Public

Hollywood Jews Voting Republican?

Two years ago, Hollywood director David Zucker (best known for the movie “Airplane!”) talked about his conversion to a “Sept. 11 Republican.” A lifelong liberal with a keen interest in protecting the environment, security concerns prompted Zucker to switch to the

Syria Preparing for War

Update – WorldNetDaily reports that Syrian President Bashar Assad is preparing the Syrian army for war with Israel.  Since the war in Lebanon ended in August, Assad has given a series of interviews in which he warned of possible confrontations

Strickland is not Honest

According to WorldNetDaily, the Democrat candidate for Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland is a closet homosexual.   The article notes, “We started following Strickland in the primary.  We especially picked up on the issue after Brian Flannery, his Democratic Party challenger in

Saudi Arabia Friends with Israel?

Accordng to StrategyPage, the Saudis are making a major behind-the-scenes effort to convince the Palestinians to restart negotiations with Israel. This may indicate a quiet shift in the Saudi position on the legitimacy of the “Zionist entity,” prompted largely by

Chinese Anti-Satellite Laser

According to StrategyPage, the Chinese have developed a powerful, land based laser that has been fired at American satellites. This firing at American satellites has apparently been going on for three years. In theory, a land based laser of sufficient

Syria Preparing to Attack Israel

Syrian ruler Bashar Assad made a formal statement on Oct. 7 that he expects an Israeli attack.   In reality, he is making justification for a combined Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah attack on Israel.  According to Debka, Iran is behind the effort in their interest