Free Jonathan Pollard

Update – It’s ironic that there is a resurgence of interest in the Jonathan Pollard story… There is a recent interview with Pollard in the American Spectator. Mar 3, 2006 – Most of you have probably forgotten about Jonathan Pollard,

Films Worthy of Hollywood

I didn’t watch the Academy Awards, but Mark Goldblatt observed in the National Review: “it’s obvious that the Hollywood luminaries were busy patting themselves on the back for their courage in honoring films depicting two gay cowboys as star-crossed lovers,

Free Jonathan Pollard

Most of you have probably forgotten about Jonathan Pollard, who was found guilty of passing secret U.S. information to Israel about other middle eastern countries.  The Israeli Mossad agent that was involved with Pollard exposes new information about this case

Not Revenge, Prevention

As an interesting follow-up to my earlier posting on the film Munich, comes an article in the Jerusalem Post that contains comments from the actual leaders of the Mossad. “For the first time in the history of the Mossad, one of its

The Russian Gambit

I originally wrote in late January about “From Russia without Love“, where Putin and company are trying to reassert themselves “on the world stage”.  It appears that others are starting to take notice.  An article in the Christian Science Monitor