Time to Sell Your Microsoft Stock

It’s alway those darn Juuuuwwws…  The worst enemies of Jews are Leftist Jews: Since when does the Washington Post accept editorials calling for ethnic cleansing? I don’t see a Boko Haram leader getting an op-ed piece there. Even an Eastern

Rational Discussions with the Left

American liberals do not consider logic and rational discourse as virtues: Simon Schama’s breakdown on Question Time is a thing of horrid beauty. He shakes with outrage, waves his finger as if it were a baton of self-righteousness and quivers all

Reid (D) Supports Ryan (R)

That’s reason enough to oppose having Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House… Reid offers surprise support for Ryan as speaker – POLITICO http://www.politico.com/blogs/the-gavel/2015/10/harry-reid-endorse-paul-ryan-house-speaker-214970

Obama is Pathological

If Obama was alive in the 1940s, he would exclaim that the Jews and Nazis both need to “tamp down the rhetoric”…   Does that sound crazy to you? Here are comments from Krauthammer  

Stop Justifying Murder

It doesn’t matter what you’re taught in American universities, people are not rational decision-makers and they frequently do not pursue the truth.  It’s Obama and the Leftists who have aligned themselves with the depraved radical Moslems (the Palestinians and Moslem Brotherhood): Their

Terrorism and Gun Control

The best weapon against terrorism in Israel is to allow the Jewish citizens to conceal carry… In the wake of a serious uptick in stabbings and shootings in Israel, Education Minister Naftali Bennett encouraged Israelis to carry weapons and be