It’s the 1930s and 40s All Over Again

The Manchurian Marxist Moslem loves 20th century history, and enjoys making the same errors in judgement…  It’s just like the 1940s when the mainstream media then said:  “The agreement will bring peace in our time”… “Concentration camps in Europe?  What

Obama Supports the PLO

For those that understand that Obama is the Manchurian Marxist Moslem, clearly recognize that this is true to his character: In an unusual legal move, the Obama administration has taken the legal side of the Palestinian Authority and Palestine Liberation

American Jews and Obama

The Manchurian Marxist Moslem and Jews mix together like ammonia and bleach. You’ve got to wonder what that blockhead leading Chicago thinks about all of this… from Caroline Glick: American Jewry is being tested today as never before. The future

Animals and Children

G. K. Chesterton observed, 95 years ago, that animal worship and human sacrifice go hand in hand. He could have been commenting on recent news about Cecil the lion and about Planned Parenthood. Wherever there is Animal Worship there is

Obama’s Plans for Israel

As indicated previously here, Obama has nefarious plans for Israel… he is working to fulfill Reverend Wright’s and Louis Farrakhan wishes for the Jews.  Evidently, there are others that think this way:  

Democrats and Revisionism

It’s a crazy world with Democrats leading historical revisionism. According the the Leftists, Thomas Jefferson is now a bad guy…  Based on their criteria, I suppose the next step is to change the name “Washington DC” to “Sharpton DC”. Thomas Jefferson and