COVID, Democrats, and Lunacy

Is there a pattern there?  Have the Democrat Governors and Mayors just lost their minds? The Mayor of Los Angeles came to a press conference where he ordered every Los Angeles resident to wear a face mask to get “more

Origins Of Stereotypes

Source: Top 10 Origins Of Controversial Stereotypes – Listverse 10 The Dumb Blonde 9 Asians Can’t Drive 8 Irish People = Potato-Eaters 7 The French Are Cowards 6 Men Are Better Workers Than Women 5 Black People Love Fried Chicken

Black Racist Says ‘Jews are my enemy’

Update Anti-Semitism continues…   December 19, 2019 Evidently, the Jersey City official that practices “open” anti-Semitism, (Ms. Terrell-Paige) showed no remorse for her harsh comments about Jews.   When she was asked if she regretted her statements, she said, “No, I

What is Chanukah?

Update Happy Chanukah!  This is a year that the lunar calendar (the basis for the ancient Jewish method of tracking dates) aligns more closely with the solar calendar and thus, Christmas and Chanukah occur at roughly the same time of