The Nation’s Needs vs What We Got

We needed a bigger-than-life President – we got a dope smoking, coke snorting, radical left wing Chicago thug We needed a well-grounded stable President – we got a certifiable narcissist We needed bold leadership – we got a teleprompter We

The Impact of Fiscal Uncertainty

From Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, commenting about Bob Woodward’s story on the Obama white house: “…if Woodward is right that the uncertainty we now face with the upcoming “fiscal cliff” is attributable mostly to the inability of Barack Obama to work with Congress, then the implication

The Composite American

In the book “Sexual Suicide,” George Gilder speculated that affirmative action “would find its reductio ad absurdum in a President who is an exact ethnic and sexual composite of the American demography–some kind of multiracial hermaphrodite from Kansas City.” via