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Leonard Wins Oratorical Contest
Monday, April 30th, 2007 | Author:

Son Leonard won the Southwestern District speech contest at Optimist International.  This is an annual Optimist Club contest where the student has to write and deliver a 5 minute speech in front of a panel of judges.  The topic this year is “My Greatest Challenge is…”

Leonard previously won contests at the Vandalia Butler school system and then the Dayton area zone.  Len will be competing for the championship of the State of Ohio in Columbus later in May.

Way to go Leonard!  Mom, Bear, and I are proud of you!

Optimist International logo

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Is the War Over?
Monday, April 30th, 2007 | Author:

A great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson… I’ve excerpted some of his comments below:

“Do we still need to fight a war on terror?

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, goes further, assuring us that we are terrorized mostly by the false idea of a war on terror – not the jihadists themselves…

jihadists have already scored successes in all sorts of ways beyond altering the very nature of air travel. Cartoonists now lampoon everyone and everything – except Muslims. The pope must weigh his words carefully. Otherwise, priests and nuns are attacked abroad. A single false Newsweek story about one flushed Koran led to riot and death…

This is a strange war. Our successes in avoiding attack convince some that the real danger has passed. And when we kill jihadists abroad, we are told it is peripheral to the war or only incites more terrorism.”

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NBA Playoff Time
Sunday, April 29th, 2007 | Author:

I usually ignore the NBA season until April… well, it’s playoff time and the quality of the game has definitely stepped-up a notch.  The video below shows some of the highlights from the playoff games of the last week:


2 min 5 sec

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More on Pelosi
Saturday, April 28th, 2007 | Author:

Another great comic from Mallard Fillmore… This expresses my sentiments very well:


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Fantastic Soccer Goal
Friday, April 27th, 2007 | Author:

I realize that there aren’t many soccer fans out there, but this is an amazing goal from almost 200 feet away…


1 min 8 sec

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Government Contracts
Friday, April 27th, 2007 | Author:

Here is another funny one from Mark Clower…

Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House in Washington DC. One from Florida, another from Tennessee, and the third from New Jersey.  They go with a White House official to examine the fence.

The Florida contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. “Well,” he says, “I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials, $400 for my crew, and $100 profit for me.”

The Tennessee contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, “I can do this job for $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew, and $100 profit for me.”

The New Jersey contractor doesn’t measure or figure, but leans over to the White House official and whispers, “$2,700.”  The official, incredulous, says, “You didn’t even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?” The New Jersey contractor whispers back, “$1,000 for me, $1,000 for you, and we hire the guy from Tennessee to fix the fence.”

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How I Learned to Love Al-Jazeera
Thursday, April 26th, 2007 | Author:

Ofir Gendelman, a member of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, writes an interesting article about “How I Learned to Love Al-Jazeera“…  (if you’re not aware, Al-Jazeera is the primary Arabic/Moslem news channel)  It’s a very interesting viewpoint.  Read the article…

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Tennis Racquets
Thursday, April 26th, 2007 | Author:

I typically play tennis around three times per week… I use the Head Ti-S6 tennis racquet (pictured below), which has a very light and stiff titanium-matrix composite frame.   When the racquet was introduced five years ago, it cost approximately $250.  Today, the racquet is no longer manufactured, but I can typically find it for $79.  

I have my racquets strung with “hybrid” strings (i.e., nylon in the mains and synthetic gut in the crosses), and I often use “string savers” to extend the life of my $30 stringing jobs.  I also use Head vibration dampeners to ensure that my racquets don’t have that annoying “ping”.

I ordinarily carry 4 of these Head racquets with me in my tennis bag… Well, I’ve broken the strings on 3 of the racquets in the last week, and I actually had one of the racquets de-laminate at the handle last month.   Thus, I am currently out of tennis racquets.


Maybe it’s an omen from God, or time for me to find another racquet model…

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Controversial Films
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 | Author:

This Filmsite has an interesting compendium of the most controversial films from the last 100 years…

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Iraq: Just Like the Barbary Wars with the Moslems
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 | Author:

Update – There is a great new article on the FrontPage website from Christoper Hitchens that goes into greater details about how Thomas Jefferson dealt with the Moslem pirates…  it is interesting to note that Jefferson wanted to go to war against the Barbary Moslems, while John Adams (ironically, the man from Massachusetts) wanted to pay their ransom demands…

Feb 28 – Many folks like to equate our current experience in Iraq to our failed experience in Viet Nam.  In reality, the current situation in the Middle East is much closer to the history of the Barbary Wars.  For those of you not versed in American history, the Barbary War was our first overseas military engagement and America’s longest overseas military involvement.  It lasted from 1783 to 1815 and it involved the Moslem countries of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli.  The Moslem nations pirated American ships in the Mediterranean Sea and held the crews hostage.  Believe it or not, it was Thomas Jefferson (yes, the founding father) who first argued that that the United States needed to confront the Moslems.

This subject is addressed in detail in a new book by Michael Oren entitled “Power, Faith, and Fantasy“.  His book provides a sweeping history of America’s involvement in the Middle East from 1776 to the present.

It is very fascinating reading and very pertinent to our current situation… There is a great interview with Oren at Pajamas Media.

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