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Memorial Golf Tournament
Saturday, May 31st, 2008 | Author:

I went with my buddy, Todd Imwalle, to the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, Ohio.  My long-time friend, Jeff Gilbert is one of the hosts at a house on the 7th Fairway.   Although I’m not a real fan of golf, we had a great time drinking the suds and walking the course…


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Cowboys and Moslems
Friday, May 30th, 2008 | Author:

Three strangers strike up a conversation in the airport passenger lounge in Bozeman, Montana, while awaiting their respective flights. One is an American Indian passing through from Lame Deer. Another is a Cowboy on his way to Billings for a livestock show, and the third passenger is a fundamentalist Arab student, newly arrived at Montana State University from the Middle East

Their discussion drifts to their diverse cultures. Soon, the two Westerners learn that the Arab is a devout, radical Moslem and the conversation falls into an uneasy lull. The cowboy leans back in his chair, crosses his boots on a magazine table and tips his big sweat-stained hat forward over his face. The wind outside is blowing tumbleweeds around, and the old windsock is flapping; but still no plane comes.  Finally, the American Indian clears his throat and softly he speaks, ‘At one time here, my people were many, but sadly, now we are few.’ The Moslem student raises an eyebrow and leans forward, ‘Once my people were few,’ he sneers, ‘and now we are many. Why do you suppose that is?’

The Montana cowboy shifts his toothpick to one side of his mouth and from the darkness beneath his Stetson says in a smooth drawl ,’That’s ’cause we ain’t played Cowboys and Moslems yet, but I do believe it’s a-comin.’

Hat tip to Walt Wood

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Latest Indiana Jones Flick: At Best, a ‘C’ Movie
Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 | Author:

I grew up with the respective trilogies of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  Perhaps it’s just my old age, but I didn’t like any of the Star Wars prequels that were released over the last few years (they focus on cartoonish special effects instead of a real storyline and character development).  Thus, I was curious about the quality of the new Indiana Jones movie… My entire family went to the theatre over the Memorial Day weekend to catch the “Crystal Skull”. 

Perhaps we’re jaded from seeing so many similar “treasure hunting” movies (National Treasure, Sahara, Fools Gold, etc.), but my sons and I gave the movie a resounding ‘C’.  How many times can you watch a guy crawling through a cave to find the secret door handle, etc.?

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Wiring for Technical Support
Tuesday, May 27th, 2008 | Author:

The photo below shows the typical telephone and electrical wiring in downtown Bangalore, India… the usual source for the Microsoft technical support hot line.


Hat tip to Todd Imwalle

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How to Win My Vote
Monday, May 26th, 2008 | Author:

I’ve had many people ask me about my position on various political issues… Some of you may think I’m a “dyed in the wool” Republican (Au Contraire).  I thought I would organize quick summaries of my positions on the top 10 (in this case, top 12) global issues:


It should not be treated as a right or a form of birth control, but an unfortunate reality that there are occasions where abortion is necessary.
Capital Punishment In the case of premeditated murder in the first degree, the use of death is essential form of punishment for those most heinous crimes.
Right to Bear Arms Any instrument that can be used to cause great harm can’t be shared like buying milk at the corner store, yet individual citizens have a right to own guns.
Homosexuality It is not something to be outlawed or contested, but it is not some innate human right to protect and to convince others that it is something to celebrate.
Global Warming The planet is a constant changing environment, as exhibited by volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.  The amount that man contributes to that change is still in question.
Iraq War We must find a way to wind down our overall “world cop” role because the cost is exorbitant.  We have to become more imperialistic or limit intervention.
Health Care The country simply does not have the resources to provide every citizen with complete health care.   We have to come to grips that not everyone has a right to unlimited support.
War on Drugs Drugs such as marijuana are not necessarily more harmful that alcohol.  While we should not legalize recreational drugs, there should be a reduced focus on enforcement.
Affirmative Action The notion of diversity in all walks of life is very important; however the approach of favoring a group as a form of reparations only reinforces discrimination.
Education Every citizen should have equal access to a reasonably priced education.  However, the ability to learn is best supported by parents and the immediate community. 
Taxation Some degree of taxes are necessary to support common benefits for the population, however, it is not to be used for the purpose of income redistribution.
Energy Policy It’s usually a cost crisis rather than an energy shortage.  As the price of petroleum increases, organizations will substitute alternative forms such as solar, nuclear, etc.
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Do you think the war in Iraq is costing us too much?  Take a read of this email forwarded to me from BoMo:

Boy am I confused. I have been hammered with the propaganda that it is the Iraq war and the war on terror that is bankrupting us. I now find that to be ridiculous. I hope the following 14 reasons are forwarded over and over again until they are read so many times that the reader gets sick of reading them. I have included the web sites for verification of all the following facts.

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments. Verify at:

2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens. Verify at:

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens. Verify at:

4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English! Verify at:

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies. Verify at

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens. Verify at:

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. Verify at:

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers. Verify at:

9. $200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens. Verify at:

10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US. Verify at:

11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our southern border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from terrorist countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S from the southern border. Verify at: Homeland Security Report:

12.. The National Policy Institute “estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.”  Verify at:

13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin.  Verify at:

14. “The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States ..”  Verify at:

The total cost is a whopping $338 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

Are we THAT stupid?

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One-Minute Business Lesson – 6
Saturday, May 24th, 2008 | Author:

A little bird was flying south for the Winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him.

As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy.

A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Morals of the story:
(1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
(3) And when you’re in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut!

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Two Ways to Look at Everything
Friday, May 23rd, 2008 | Author:

My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat alone at a nearby table.

My wife asked, ‘Do you know her?’

‘Yes,’ I sighed, ‘She’s my old girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear she hasn’t been sober since.’

‘My God!’ said my wife, ‘Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?’

So you see, there really are two ways to look at everything.

Hat tip to Sam Greenwood

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Realities of Jewish-Moslem Conflicts
Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 | Author:

The Moslems and the Leftists of the world can use every ruse available to them, but the reality doesn’t change.  The conflict in the Middle East has very little to do about “Israel’s settlements” or “Jewish occupation”.  The conflict is about Jews not willingly walking to the gas chambers.  The Hamas charter quotes Mohammad as saying: “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.”  The simple fact is that hatred of Jews as the scapegoat is a major tenet of Moslem “culture”.  Charles Krauthammer had it right when he commented in the Washington Post:

Palestinian dispossession is a direct result of the Arab rejection, then and now, of a Jewish state of any size on any part of the vast lands the Arabs claim as their exclusive patrimony. That was the cause of the war 60 years ago that, in turn, caused the refugee problem. And it remains the cause of war today.

Israel’s crime is not its policies but its insistence on living. On the day the Arabs — and the Palestinians in particular — make a collective decision to accept the Jewish state, there will be peace, as Israel proved with its treaties with Egypt and Jordan. Until that day, there will be nothing but war. And every “peace process,” however cynical or well-meaning, will come to nothing.

Even the German magazine, Der Spiegel, recognizes the hatred spewed by all of the Moslem countries:

Adult viewers can enjoy video clips that use inspirational graphics and rousing music to glorify the act of committing a suicide bombing, while the evening lineup offers family entertainment with a series of films based on the classic anti-Semitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

In 2007 the German Interior Ministry published a study on the worldviews of “Muslims in Germany,” the most comprehensive of its kind to date, which confirmed this trend. According to the study, “anti-Semitic attitudes were found among young Muslims far more often than among non-Muslim immigrants or domestic non-Muslims.”…

During one excursion to the German Historical Museum, a group of Muslim youth gathered in front of a replica of a gas chamber in Auschwitz and applauded.

There is no reason to mince words. It’s actually quite simple: Moslems would like to complete what Hitler started.

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One-Minute Business Lesson – 5
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 | Author:

A turkey was chatting with a bull. ‘I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree,’ sighed the turkey, ‘but I haven’t got the energy.’
‘Well, why don’t you nibble on some of my droppings?’ replied the bull. They’re packed with nutrients.’

The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree. The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch. Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

Moral of the story:

Bull Shit might get you to the top, but it won’t keep you there.

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