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The Business of the Left
Friday, January 30th, 2015 | Author:

If you haven’t watched Bill Whittle, it’s worth a few minutes of your time.  He sums it up here nicely:

“If America is not evil, then the Left is out of business.”

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How to Buy ‘Respect’…
Thursday, January 29th, 2015 | Author:

I think the cartoon below nicely summarizes the approach employed by the Obama administration for most of its domestic and foreign policy initiatives — i.e., use money that doesn’t belong to you to pay people off.  It’s really pretty simple…  If you weren’t following the recent Obama trip to India, he left there claiming a great trade pact, when in fact he bribed them by promising $4 billion (of the taxpayer’s money) in aid…  I suppose that’s a small drop in the bucket compared to the more than $7 trillion that he has added to the US federal deficit in 6 years.


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Useful Infographics
Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 | Author:

Everybody loves the idea of using infographics to express complex ideas.   Here are three that should make sense to you:


content women


Politicians Want to Steal Your Money
Sunday, January 25th, 2015 | Author:

Politicians are always finding new ways to take your money:

The truth is, in our redistributionist system politicians make their careers mostly by taking money from one group of citizens that won’t vote for them and giving it to another that will. If they run short of money from traditional sources, they’ll look for new revenue wherever they can find it. And if that’s the homes and savings of the middle class, then that’s what they’ll target.

via Middle-class savings like blood in the water: Column.

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The Boy Scouts are Bad Guys?
Saturday, January 24th, 2015 | Author:

More on the Upside-Down World promoted by the Manchurian Marxist Moslem…  Evidently Leftist judges in California have declared the Boy Scouts persona non grata:

California’s seven Supreme Court judges have voted unanimously to prohibit state judges from holding membership in the Boy Scouts of America; the ruling is based on the grounds that the Scouts discriminate against gays.

via Boy Scouts | Judges | membership ban | California Supreme.

I was a Boy Scout during my youth.  I spent a week hiking in the Smokey Mountains eating powdered eggs and stinking up the trails from the lack of bathing.  The Scouts were all about teaching kids about being honorable and learning skills not taught in the classroom.

The notion that the Boy Scouts are’Bad’ and being homosexual is ‘Good’ is all part of the Obama upside-down world.:

Illegal aliens:  Good;  Tax-Paying Americans: Bad.

Radical Moslems:  Good;  Law-abiding Jews: Bad.

Protesting Looters: Good;  Police Officers: Bad

Let me know when you figure out where it’s all going…

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Obama’s Plan for the Economy
Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 | Author:

A fairly clear perspective:

Under Obama, 92 million Americans are unemployed and still living comfortably.  So why seriously pursue a job?  With 47 million Americans on food stamps, the Obama administration aggressively encourages more to apply.  Disability fraud is an epidemic.  Seems a lot of folks have embraced Obama’s message: government dependency is not only the “in” thing to do, but the moral thing to do.

In Obama’s America, hard work and independence are demonized.  This is at the root of Obama’s “you didn’t build that” dig at small business.  Obama’s and the Democrats’ Occupy Wall Street faux movement was nothing more than their campaign to gin up class envy and hatred for the rich and taxpayers.

via Articles: Obama’s Abuse of Taxpayers to Buy Voters’ Love.

Government Too Powerful?
Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 | Author:


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More on the Shadow Moslem
Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 | Author:

That’s why they call him the Manchurian Marxist Moslem






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The Leftists… and Everyone Else
Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 | Author:

Nothing better illustrates the chasm between the Leftist ‘intelligentsia” and the rest of the nation:

Even as “American Sniper” breaks January box-office records and revels in six Oscar nominations, criticism over the subject of the film, sharpshooter Chris Kyle, is rising and reaching into the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences, which votes on the Academy Awards.

via ‘American Sniper’ Complaints Grow in Hollywood: Should Clint Eastwood Be Celebrating a ‘Killer’?

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Obama Tells the Truth?
Monday, January 19th, 2015 | Author:


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