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What is the Netflix Agenda?
Thursday, March 29th, 2018 | Author:

Of all the talented business people around the world, It makes you wonder why they wanted an Obama protege.

On Wednesday, former UN Ambassador Susan Rice was named to the Netflix board of directors, leaving some customers outraged by the choice and threatening to cancel their Netflix memberships.

Source: Susan Rice addition to Netflix board prompts cancellation threats, boycott

It’s interesting that so many US companies appear to be engaging in political statements rather than focusing on ensuring that their customers are happy with their products & services.

Why the SJW Hates Jews
Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 | Author:

Bomo passed along a great article today about the Leftist Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and their hatred for Jews. Here is the key extract:

Social justice warriors (SJWs) in the universities provide no “safe spaces” to Jews because we fly in the face of every single claim they make about privilege, oppression and group identity.

We Jews are living, breathing proof that a historically oppressed group can overcome its oppression on its own in America through its hard work and drive to succeed, without any of the “legs up” (affirmative action, welfare, reparations) that SJWs say are necessary.


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The Emerging Hate for Social Media
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 | Author:

There appears to be a wide-ranging rebuttal emerging against social media.   While I’ve had this blog for nearly 12 years, I have never embraced the real-time social media ‘mob’.  As I’ve written before, I use Feedly as my custom newsreader to conveniently source my information from a broad cross-section of web sites and blogs.   Since too many links become orphaned, I then use Evernote to personally archive information that I may want to refer to in the future.

To prove that I did not avoid social media because I’m some Luddite, I can point to the fact that I installed Ethernet wiring in my home more than 24 years ago (before most people knew how to say Internet).  I’ve had an account at Amazon since 1997 (when they just sold books). I have had home automation and video cameras for more than 10 years that far exceeds most equipment offered for sale today.

While this blog has an automated link to generate Tweets, I never use Twitter myself.  In addition, while I have accounts at Facebook and LinkedIn, I rarely if ever login to those sites.  In fact, I view LinkedIn as a national resume database, and that’s about all it’s good for using.  Even the LinkedIn discussion groups are typically not very useful.

I don’t permit vendors to draw funds automatically from my accounts.  I typically do not save financial information at ecommerce sites.  Much to my wife’s chagrin, my smartphone is never on ring (for calls or texts).  I like to be in command of my technology and using social media has never fit my preferred information evaluation and sharing method.

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Cage Free Eggs?
Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 | Author:


Holy cow!  I thought this was a joke.  Who could have imagined this position taken by a responsible government?

In 2015, California banned the sale of conventionally raised eggs, and in 2016, Massachusetts voters passed a ballot measure that bans the sale of conventionally raised eggs, pork, and veal in the state beginning in 2022. A Cornell University analysis found that the California law caused an 18% increase in egg prices for Californians.

The laws were promoted by the vegan advocacy group Humane Society of the United States, which has an expressed agenda to eventually eliminate animal agriculture.


March 6, 2018

I was watching a college basketball game on television, when the long parade of commercials started.  One of the first was an advertisement for Hellman’s Mayonnaise where they were promoting the fact that they use ‘cage free’ eggs.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!  Cage Free eggs?  Does anybody really care that the eggs used to make that white, creamy substance came from happy hens?  Is this a feature that differentiates one commodity condiment from another?  Where does this feature of using eggs from happy hens land on Maslow’s hierarchy of nutritional needs?

My father used to refer to the television as the ‘idiot box’… I think I finally understand.

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Where’s the Leadership at UD Flyers Basketball?
Monday, March 12th, 2018 | Author:


A confidential source shared some insights with me about Flyers leadership and the departure of Xeyrius Williams.  My source indicated that Coach Grant initially thought very highly of Mr. Williams.  In fact, Mr. Williams went to Grant once he was hired and asked to be made captain of the team.

While Mr. Williams indeed has had some troubling back problems, during the mid-season he started showing up late to basketball activities and became a cancer in the locker room.


March 8, 2018

As expected, the Flyers played competitively, but lost in the first round of the A-10 tournament to VCU:

Dayton’s slim chance of extending its streaks of 11 straight winning seasons and four straight NCAA tournament appearances ended. The Flyers finished 14-17, the same record they had in 2005-06, the last time they had a losing season. It’s Dayton’s second losing season in the last 19 years.

Source: Dayton Flyers Loss to VCU clinches first losing season since 2006

During this difficult season, the Flyers frequently couldn’t play offense or defense.  They allowed 73.5 points per game, the most in a season since 1994-95 when the Flyers finished 7-20.  As previously mentioned, the Flyers zone defense was especially poor in defending the 3-point shot, ranking 324th in the country.

A new coach typically gets a ‘pass’ his first year (since its technically not his team), and then a couple of more years to prove that he has the moxie to recruit and lead a winning team.  While the Flyers are not considered a powerhouse, there will certainly be pressure on Mr. Grant to be more successful next year.  Given that three college teams within a 50 mile radius from downtown Dayton (Xavier, Cincinnati, and Wright State) are all going to the March Madness tourney, the UD fans have higher expectations than most mid-major programs.

February 15, 2018

For some reason, coach Grant likes to play zone defense and the players don’t like defending much at all.   The recent lopsided loss to a mediocre George Mason takes the cake in the unfolding of a very ugly year (perhaps the Dayton fans have become spoiled *, but when was the last time the Flyers were 11-14?).  For the 10th time this season, the Flyers’ opponent shot around 50% from behind the 3-point arc.   This is not a result of playing great teams.  It’s the result of some missing ingredients.

* Dayton Flyers have been to a post-season basketball tournament (NCAA or NIT) 15 of the last 20 years


January 9, 2018

I don’t claim to be a basketball coaching expert.  My insights are based on five years of coaching middle school and 9th grade AAU basketball. In addition, I don’t know much about the new UD Flyers head coach Anthony Grant other than he is a former UD player that possesses a decent record as a head coach in the D-1 college ranks.

I would say that I started pondering Mr. Grant’s coaching decisions during the 2nd game of the season.  With more than 9 minutes to go in a close game, coach Grant elected to not insert his team captain and leading scorer, Josh Cunningham, back into the game.  A game that the Flyers eventually lost 72-69.

It’s also fairly evident that the coaching staff does not stress strong man-up defense.  Even against a slower-footed team such as Penn, coach Grant had the Flyers playing a 2-3 zone while the Ivy league basketball team shot 57% from beyond the 3-point line.  A game the Flyers lost 78-70.   My understanding of basketball fundamentals is that you often have to man-up when a team is hot from beyond the arc.

Meanwhile the offensive schemes often do not make sense.  For example, Josh Cunningham is a superb scorer with his back to the basket and he puts the ball in the hoop more than 65% of the time.  For some reason, the Flyers’ offensive schemes have Cuningham coming outside the 3-point line to take possession of the ball.  It appears that the coaching staff is not aware of the power in using Cunningham in a basic pick & roll as a way of getting the rock into his hands.

I used to tell my sons that a coach (grade school, college, or professional) has three primary roles in managing a team:

1) Recruiting, selecting, or drafting the best players that fit your planned approach for being successful in the sport

2) Managing the game tactics so you can exploit the opposing team’s weaknesses and defend against their strengths

3) Motivating the players to constantly improve and overcome adversity when the season or games aren’t going as desired

When I recently read an article that quoted coach Grant as saying the team needs a psychiatrist, this told me that he was already shirking some of his coaching responsibilities.  In some ways, this is akin to throwing the players under the bus.

It’s still a wide-open season in the A-10 conference.  Perhaps coach Grant will spend sufficient time with Bucky Bockhorn to help turn the season around.


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Dishwashers and Hard Water
Thursday, March 08th, 2018 | Author:

Our water in Montgomery County, Ohio is about 120 ppm of particulates, which is considered moderately hard.   This means that the ‘clean’ water that enters our home suds up with soap in a reasonable fashion, but calcium compounds form on our plumbing faucets over a couple of years time.

The wife alerted me that our relatively new GE dishwasher (less than 4 years old) was not doing an acceptable job cleaning the dishes and silverware.   Based on an inspection of the washer internals, I discovered layers of lime and calcium deposits  (see first photo below).  Most all of the filters and spray arms were completely blocked with the hard water deposits that interfered with the water flow (see second photo below of the coarse filter).

Rather than buying an entirely new dishwasher, or attempting to clean all of the components (in some cases, the calcium was trapped inside the spray arms), I went to an appliance parts website and ordered a set of replacement filters and spray arms.    The third photo below compares the original upper spray arm to the replacement arm that I purchased.

All in all, it took about 2 hours to thoroughly clean the dishwasher internals and replace all of the component parts.  The wife is happy now that the calcium deposits are not being sprayed all over the dishes, and the water circulates properly to completely melt the detergents pods.




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WSU Raiders in NCAA Basketball Tourney
Wednesday, March 07th, 2018 | Author:

In case you missed it, the Wright State Raiders won the Horizon League Championship, which gives them an automatic seeding in the March Madness basketball tournament.

This was an unexpectedly successful season.  They started the year at 5-5 and played most of the schedule with three freshman, finishing the regular season at 25-9.

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Hollywood Hellbent on Holyness
Wednesday, March 07th, 2018 | Author:

A great summary about the upside-down fantasyland of Hollywood as exhibited during the Academy Awards show:

When the guy who hosted the breast-obsessed “Man Show” [Jimmy Kimmel] appears onstage with an NBA player once accused of rape [Kobe Bryant] to give awards to people who spent decades doing business with Harvey Weinstein — you know Hollywood has gotten serious about sexual harassment.

I have no comment about the crop of overrated movies honored by the Academy Sunday night — other than to note that giving the Best Picture nod to “Handicapped Woman Has Sex With Fish Man, Is Saved By Communists” may be the most #Oscars! moment ever. What is worthy of notice is the nonstop self-congratulations from society’s most notoriously corrupt class, the Hollywood Left.

Source: Graham: Oscars’ #MeToo show mighty fishy

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3D Printing of Ceramics
Monday, March 05th, 2018 | Author:

An interesting article about 3D printing of ceramics for making aerospace parts (full disclosure: yours truly appears in the story).


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