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Who is Watching Women’s Sports?
Saturday, April 28th, 2018 | Author:

This opinion writer is pretty clear with his position:

So I unabashedly state that I don’t like watching women’s sports because women aren’t nearly as good as men are at them. I love watching sports, but I only have so much leisure time to do so. Why should I spend that time watching an inferior product?

Source: I Don’t Enjoy Watching Women’s Sports. That Doesn’t Make Me a Misogynist

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3D Printing Conference in Texas
Friday, April 27th, 2018 | Author:

I spent the past week in in Ft. Worth, Texas at the RAPID 2018 Conference, which is one of the world’s largest conferences and exhibitions on additive manufacturing.  I presented a paper entitled “Critical Success Factor for Additive Manufacturing: A 21st Century Engineering System” that provided a case study on how Renaissance Services PERFECT-3D division has adopted the latest information technology to advance its capabilities in ceramic 3D printing.


Most Murders Occur in Latin America
Thursday, April 26th, 2018 | Author:

I don’t know the real source of these provocative statistics, but if true, this is troubling for South and Central America:

Latin America has suffered a ‘breathtaking’ wave of homicidal violence with more than 2.5 million murders since 2000, a report has revealed.  The region accounts for a third of the world’s murders – despite being home to only eight per cent of the global population, according to the Brazilian think-tank, the Igarapé Institute. About 25 per cent of all global homicides take place in four of the region’s countries – Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.

Source: A third of the world’s murders happen in Latin America

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Early Efforts at Overcoming Paralysis
Thursday, April 26th, 2018 | Author:

Most people may not know that Wright State (WSU) become an independent university only in the late 1960s (it was originally a branch campus of Ohio State and Miami University serving personnel at NCR and Wright Patterson AFB).   Well before there was even the notion of having handicapped parking spaces and wheelchair ramps, WSU’s campus was geared to supporting research in reducing disabilities and catering to students in wheelchairs.  This was a relatively unique position that WSU took among universities.

In the early 1980s, WSU hired Dr. Jerrold Petrofsky to its staff, based on his promise of having the ability to make people walk again.  He was all over the news, including an interview on the CBS TV show, 60 Minutes.  They even made a movie about him and the paralyzed girl that he supposedly helped to take her first steps.   He was treated as being more brilliant than Salk and Sabin.

Alas, he was over-promising on what he could deliver and started to come across as a shady researcher. He was pushed out of WSU, and disappeared from the news.

One reason I personally learned so much about him is that one of my early jobs in the mid-1980s was to help convert one of his abandoned research buildings near the WSU campus into an aerospace repair center for turbine engine components.

This is a link to an article about Petrofsky in 1989 that provides a little more background…  It’s interesting that the brain technology has finally advanced enough in 30 years that some of his visions for restoring mobility may actually be achievable.  This begs the question:  was he a snake oil salesman or just well ahead of his time?


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Equality in Men’s and Women’s Tennis?
Monday, April 16th, 2018 | Author:


It appears that the ‘equal pay’ issue has reared its ugly ahead again in professional tennis.  Evidently the Washington Post is tickled that men and women will have the same ‘purses’ (how’s that for irony?) in this year’s US Open.    At least the opinion-writer asks the proper question:

The U.S. Open tournament “was first to offer equal prize money for men and women.” So many times I’ve read (and agreed with) the economic need and moral right for women to receive equal pay for equal work. I’m curious: How is the pay equal when the men are required to play the best of five sets and the women play the best of three?

I suppose ‘equality’ is in the eye’s of the beholder.


May 6, 2016

Another tournament director weighed in on the craziness of gender political correctness in tennis:

Equal Prize Money: It’s Not OK When The Men Bring In 4 Times More Than The Women

Source: Ion Tiriac on Equal Prize Money


March 27, 2016

This is rather ironic considering the result tumult around women’s versus men’s tennis… evidently Andy Murray complained that he had to serve a women’s tennis ball that happened to roll onto his court during his match.  Even his comments are rather ironic:

The world No. 2 felt he was mistakenly given a women’s ball while serving on break point in the second set against Denis Istomin, leading to a brief but heated back and forth with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani. “It’s unacceptable to have one of those balls,” a visibly upset Murray said after losing the point.

Oh, well.  The PC Police tell me that everything is fine…

Source: Andy Murray miffed after mistakenly having to serve with women’s ball


March 23, 2016

Politically correct people can deny facts all they want, but reality typically follows the money-trail.  Here is a dose of reality for the critics of Ray Moore and Novak Djokovic… picked up by Sean Randall:

The Miami Open is selling tickets for the men’s and women’s final at DIFFERENT prices when the prize money for both events is equal.The cheapest Saturday WOMEN’S FINAL (which includes the men’s doubles final) ticket is listed at $69.The cheapest Sunday MEN’S FINAL (which includes the women’s doubles final) ticket is listed at $105.

The article ignores the additional important fact that in the major tennis tournaments (e.g., Wimbledon, US Open, etc.) the men play best of 5 sets whereas the women only play best of 3 sets.

Go figure…

Source: Why Do The Miami Open Men’s Final Tickets Cost 52% More Than The Women’s Final?


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The Historically Corrupt EPA
Thursday, April 12th, 2018 | Author:

A solid article in City Journal about the tainted history of the EPA, and the challenge that the new leader has in making the agency follow a more rigorous methodology:

The EPA has been plagued by politicized science since its inception in 1970. One of its first tasks was to evaluate the claim that the use of DDT pesticide was causing an epidemic of cancer. The agency held extensive hearings that led to the conclusion that DDT was not a carcinogen, a finding that subsequent research would confirm. 

Since then, the agency has repeatedly been criticized for relying on weak or cherry-picked evidence to promote needless alarms justifying the expansion of its authority (and budget).

Pruitt’s new policy will force the EPA to rely on studies for which data is available to other researchers, ensuring the transparency that enables findings to be tested and confirmed.

Source: Scott Pruitt, Warrior for Science

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Hamas vs Israel – The Real Imbalance
Friday, April 06th, 2018 | Author:

This single comic from Branco sums up very well the ‘imbalance’ between Hamas and Israel.  It highlights the lunacy when people talk about respecting each parties’ demands.


A companion piece to contrast the levels of civility between Palestinians and Israelis:

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Do Americans Want More Government Control?
Sunday, April 01st, 2018 | Author:

I’ve previously discussed on multiple occasions the fact that Republicans and Democrats in Washington DC do not differ by much (see here and here).  The real trade-off in political positions has more to do with establishing the proper balance between tyranny and anarchy.

We’ve seen over the last 5 or more years a push by many on the Left to curtail the founding principles in the US Constitution.  It goes without saying that the extreme measures of political correctness and the stifling of civil debates are all focused on re-defining our First Amendment.  Now, we have a lawmaker in Georgia challenging our Second Amendment by openly saying that the government should seize guns from Americans.

These are all actions that slowly erode our American freedoms and move us closer to the path of tyranny and Government control…  Is this what US citizens really want?


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