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Marriage Humor
Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 | Author:

These are some funny ones, courtesy of my buddy Joe K.


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Modern Humor
Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 | Author:

This is the type of humor that reflects the realities of the digital age…

Hat tip to Joe K.

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Communism, Capitalism… and Money
Friday, October 11th, 2019 | Author:

The latest with the NBA and China has focused a bright light on the tensions between Communism and Capitalism (always remember that the true tensions are between tyranny and anarchy).  It’s an interesting situation with all of the emerging American ‘woke’ corporations.  As the antics of the NBA clearly exhibit, the hypocrisy of virtue signaling is now becoming too obvious.

As Vladimir Lenin was famous for saying: “The Capitalists will sells us the rope in which to hang them”…  Or following the advice of the janitor at my elementary school: “Always follow the money trail”.


Sporting Goods Stores Sinking into Oblivion
Wednesday, October 09th, 2019 | Author:


An update on the ‘woke’ sporting goods store:

Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack admitted that his company lost $250 million after he decided not to sell guns to people under 21-years-old… Stack decided to take this route even though the shooter did not use the gun he purchased at Dick’s. He used the gun he bought at Sunrise Tactical Supply.   The company stopped selling guns at 125 locations. Stack has considered banning gun sales from all of the stores in the future.


May 12, 2018

Sporting Goods stores are already following the same “success” path as children’s toy stores into oblivion.  This decision by “Dick’s” management to engage in corporate virtue signaling will only accelerate their demise.

Sporting goods retailer “Dick’s” is losing access to several popular gun manufacturers’ products in a retaliatory strike, as the companies withdraw their business following a series of public moves by the popular store.

Dick’s made some news last month when they first pulled from their shelves, and then destroyed, what they characterized as “assault-style” guns in their inventory.

If your company has a political point of view and acts on it, that’s its right. But it’s also the right of the customer to go elsewhere. As this back and forth shakes out, we’ll see which ones wagered wisely and which didn’t.

Source: Gun Manufacturers Fire Back at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Halt Sales | Trending


March 30, 2018

Get woke, go broke… The results of Dick’s move to become an opponent to the 2nd Amendment:

Dick’s Sporting Goods’ bottom line took a very big hit after halting the sale of assault-style weapons in response to the Parkland school massacre. The policy change cost the nation’s largest sporting goods retailer about $150 million in lost sales, about 1.7 percent of annual revenue, Bloomberg News reported Friday.


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Cracked Bicycle Rims… and Derailleur… and Chain
Saturday, October 05th, 2019 | Author:


Let’s see.  I think I’m replacing my Cannondale R700 a piece at a time…  It was my rear rim in 2015, my front derailleur in 2018, and now in 2019, I snapped my chain while riding up a steep hill.   Attempting to walk 10 miles back home with my chainless bike would have taken quite a while.  Fortunately, I had my “training director” (my wife, Missy) drive out to pick me up along with my disabled bicycle.


August 18, 2018

I was riding up a hill at Englewood Reserve, and after shifting into what I thought was 10th gear, I pondered, “Wow, I must be getting old. This is more difficult than I remember”.  That’s when I looked down at my Shimano 105 front derailleur and discovered a broken spring.  I was actually in 20th gear going up the hill.

Oh well, another part to replace on my Cannondale (this model has 3 sprockets up front and 9 in back).  I suppose the one consolation is that I’m still a spry young man on my bike.


July 5, 2015

I’ve been noted to be pretty harsh on mechanical devices that I own (I used to break the frames of my motorcycles during my motocross days), but I never expected to have multiple cracks in the rear rim on my Cannondale bicycle.    These Mavic rims are not cheapies, but in the second photo below you can see one of six cracks in the holes for the spokes.

Fortunately, my trusty bicycle service center at Troy Family Bike Shop got me fixed up with new rims and a tuneup.

Mavic Rims

Cracks in Rim

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