Israel & Technology

How hot is technology investment in Israel?  The tiny Middle Eastern country, with a population smaller than Manhattan’s, has become a global player in innovation, thanks to its thriving venture capital scene and many home-grown start-ups. There are now 75 Israeli

Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and my wife, sons, and I had planned to take my father to the Paragon (a nice steak restaurant in the southern part of Dayton).  Unfortunately, Fred had emergency gall bladder surgery on Wednesday and he is still recovering. 

Idiots Among Us

Interesting, real world stories of idiots among us… 1) Idiot Sighting – This one happened in Kingman. I live in a semi-rural area. We recently had a new neighbor call the local township administrative office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing

The Chinese Military Threat

Well, the Chinese are up to their shenanigans again…  According to a recent article in Defense Tech, the Chinese government is threatening to launch a GPS satellite system that would interfere with the Pentagon’s GPS broadcast. That’s the signal that

The Future of Cell Phones

There is a recent article in Reg-Hardware that describes future designs for cell phones. Interestingly enough, most of these overlook the most significant aspect, which is the ability for your future communication device to support multiple telecommunication channels.  For example,

Evolution of IT Capabilities

Chris Lininger and I had a discussion today about the slow evolution of information technology that truly empowers the business end user.  We talked about all of the failed promises over the past 25 years including 4GL (4th Generation Languages),

Terrorism and Liberalism

Many of you may remember when Moslem extremists beheaded Nick Berg in Iraq in 2004.  Well… Michael Berg, Nick’s father and the renowned liberal Jewish pacifist, said on Thursday that he blamed President Bush for his son’s death.  This is interesting… If

Microsoft and George Orwell

Microsoft acknowledged Wednesday that it needs to better inform users that one of its automatically installed updates quietly checks in daily with Microsoft servers. The company said the undisclosed daily check is a safety measure designed to allow the tool, called Windows

The Canadian Ostrich

Perhaps you’ve missed the recent news that the politically-correct nation of Canada arrested 17 Moslems for terror activities…  Even when the police nail a cell of 17 would-be terrorists, catching them red-handed with detonaton devices and 3 tons of fertilizer