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These are some of the most visited and popular postings on this web site: Is Anything Else Happening in the World Besides COVID? Is Greece the “Canary” for Economic Decline? Does AI Mean “Augmented Intelligence”? American Jewry & Israel

Leftist Manipulation of Your Life

It’s really becoming surreal in the US to have these left wing groups totally incapable of prevailing in any substantive debate.  Their only solution is to change the rules or extinguish the voices of whomever they designate as the “enemy”.  The

Racism, Racism, Racism

Update Nobody is so naïve to assume that there are no racist people lurking in the shadows.  However, it’s unfortunate that so much of the media has expended efforts to amplify continued false claims.  These range from Jussie Smollett in

Do US Tech Companies Have Too Much Influence?

If you want to review business and political fireworks that will become front-page news, then take a look at the major US-based technology companies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter.  These six behemoths control the vast majority of information flow,

American Jewry and Israel

The relationship between American Jews and the state of Israel is very complex and forever evolving. This posting, which is now 6 years old, started during the Obama presidency when many leftist American Jews started putting the priorities of the

Miami Open Tennis

Given the supply and demand to attend live ATP tennis matches, the ticket prices for the Miami Open bordered on ridiculous ($500/seat!).  Fortunately, we were able to find some greatly discounted tickets the evening before the round of 32. It

Does AI Mean ‘Augmented Intelligence’?

Update Here is article in IEEE Spectrum magazine (web site) that supports the position of this posting by exclaiming “Stop Calling Everything AI”: Artificial-intelligence systems are nowhere near advanced enough to replace humans in many tasks involving reasoning, real-world knowledge,

The Rapid Decline of the American Empire

America and western civilizations are being attacked from outside and within.  In reality, the US is suffering from many self-inflicted wounds perpetuated by the Democrat party and the Manchurian Marxist Moslem.  Their position is very simply that everything American is

Who is in Charge at the White House?

Update Another commentary: Who or what is this shadow government? I’d say it amounts to a small group around former president Obama and former attorney general Eric Holder, plus a coterie of Intel Community figures led by John Brennan, all