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These are some of the most visited and popular postings on this web site: Is Anything Else Happening in the World Besides COVID? Is Greece the “Canary” for Economic Decline? Does AI Mean “Augmented Intelligence”? American Jewry & Israel

American Jewry and Israel

The relationship between American Jews and the state of Israel is very complex and forever evolving. This posting, which started in July 2014, originated during the Obama presidency when many leftist American Jews started to openly place the priorities of

Ohio College Basketball

We are fortunate to have many competitive college basketball programs in the State of Ohio.  We attend many home games played by the Dayton Flyers at UD Arena and the Wright State Raiders at the Nutter Center. Photos of the

Does AI Mean ‘Augmented Intelligence’?

Update A professor of cognitive and neural systems at Boston University, Stephen Grossberg, argues that an entirely different approach to artificial/augmented intelligence is needed. He has defined an alternative model for artificial intelligence based on cognitive and neural research he

Is it Time to Ban “Assault Knives”?

Update You are probably unaware that California has banned the “Billy Club”… A pertinent article and observation from Legal Insurrection: One would think that anti-gun politicians would applaud a person using less-than-lethal clubs as opposed to firearms.  But alas, therein lies

Bathroom Wallboard Repair

After more than 20 years, the drywall above the shower enclosure in one of our bathrooms started to attract some mildew and the paint began to peel.   To repair this problem correctly requires some major work that involves multiple steps

What is Chanukah?

Update It’s time to dust-off the old reliable article that I first wrote during my youth…   December 25, 2019 Happy Chanukah!  This is a year that the lunar calendar (the basis for the ancient Jewish method of tracking dates)