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These are some of the most visited and popular postings on this web site: Is Anything Else Happening in the World Besides COVID? Is Greece the “Canary” for Economic Decline? Does AI Mean “Augmented Intelligence”? American Jewry & Israel

Is it Time to Ban “Assault Knives”?

The plans for controlling violence always seem to focus on “gun control”.  Meanwhile, many crimes around the world are actually committed with other common devices that are repurposed as weapons, such as automobile and knives.  This cumulative posting, which began

The Motivation and Method is Obvious

Update House Oversight Chair James Comer confirms FD1023 form proves Biden criminal bribery scheme after viewing it, announces Contempt of Congress hearings for FBI Director Wray this Thursday. As Mr. Comey noted about the prospect of Trump as President in

The American Left

It appears that the Democrat Party is only interested in power and chaos. Today’s Democrat leadership is controlled by Leftist factions angrily pushing issues that lack support from a majority of Americans: open borders, COVID lockdowns, defunding the police, refusing

Many Examples of Republicans Without Principles

Update I couldn’t have said it better myself: Since Marxists have infiltrated virtually every institution in America while the Republican “leadership” were cashing checks and sucking their thumbs, it is now necessary for patriots to make a very different declaration, so

Does AI Mean ‘Augmented Intelligence’?

This is a cumulative posting, started in March 2018, that covers the realities of “AI”.  I will be sharing observations and various snippets that illustrate that the latest advancements in neural networks and machine learning do not constitute “intelligence”.   A

Who is in Charge at the White House?

Update As noted by PJ Media, Biden’s Latest Alzheimer’s Moment Is Actually Very Sad.   Joe Biden was awarding a Trophy to the Air Force Academy for winning football games against its rival U.S. service academies.  He was ostensibly — as