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These are some of the most visited and popular postings on this web site: Is Anything Else Happening in the World Besides COVID? Is Greece the “Canary” for Economic Decline? Does AI Mean “Augmented Intelligence”? American Jewry & Israel

American Jewry and Israel

The relationship between American Jews and the state of Israel is very complex and forever evolving. This posting, which started in July 2014, originated during the Obama presidency when many leftist American Jews started to openly place the priorities of

Is it Time to Ban “Assault Knives”?

The plans for controlling violence always seem to focus on “gun control”.  Meanwhile, many crimes around the world are actually committed with other common devices that are repurposed as weapons, such as automobiles and knives.  This cumulative posting, which began

The Anti-Semites Among Us

Update Yes, there are 19 Democrats in the US congress that do not support Israel defending itself.  It begins with the itinerant Kapo Jew know as Bernie Sanders and it includes members of the Senate: Peter Welch (D-Vt.) Jeff Merkley

Harvard, Boeing, and Bud Light

You may think, “what do these three topics have in common?”   Here’s the explanation for you — using recent case studies of tone deaf leadership to highlight problems in industry, academia, and government.  Comparing failure at Harvard to failure in