Basketball: The “Jewish Jordan”

From Deadspin on sports, I’ve discovered this story about Tamir Goodman…  Folks that have been following basketball for more than 10 years will remember Goodman, the so-called “Jewish Jordan,” who excited many by winning a high school All-Star MVP award and

Left Wing Politics

Dean Barnett over at Townhall is reviewing Ariel Sharon’s autobiography “Warrior.” Barnett notes, “Sharon writes in some detail of how Israel’s Labor Party actively undermined Israel’s war in Lebanon to rout the PLO. At the time Likud was in power. It was

Ford is now Fourth

This one is for my buddy Steve Davidson who has elected to hang tough with Ford Motor Company…  For those of you not aware, Ford has literally mortgaged their future and finally acknowledged that they are no longer one of

NBA Highlights

It’s interesting to see that the NBA is leveraging YouTube as another means for publicizing basketball.  This is a snippet of the top 10 plays for a week in February… [youtube]hn9NA_RucM0[/youtube] 2 min 29 sec