Are Liberals Brain-Dead?

John Tavardian passed along this great article from David Mamet entitled, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal’.”  Mamet shares his thought processes as a staunch Liberal, and how he evolved into a different world-view.  Some of the more

A PowerPoint Compiler

Everyone in the business world is well aware of how the use of PowerPoint has taken over the world.  I will readily admit that I frequently use the ubiquitous software tool to convey concepts to both engineers as well as business people.  

You Have to Trust the Pilot

The photos below show the views that the pilots sees when approaching some of the interesting airports around the world… Tioman Island, Malaysia Wake Island Macao And this doozey in Northern Quebec Hat tip to Joe Knecht

Keith is Playing Tennis

Our cousin, Keith Donoff, passed away on Sunday from cancer at the age of 54.  Keith was an avid tennis player, competing on the senior tour and playing most winters in Florida.  As shown below, Keith was ranked first in the Midwest for Men’s

Economic Challenges in Ohio

I wonder how my friends over at the Dayton Development Coalition respond to this editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which compares the economic development in Ohio versus that in Texas.  It’s a fairly strong indictment against the failed policies of

Example SAT Questions & Answers

More goodies from StrangeCosmos… The following questions and answers were actually collected from SAT tests given in Springdale, Arkansas in 2000 to 16-year-old students! (Don’t laugh too hard. One of these kids may be the President someday.) Q: Name the

Top 10 Favorite Musicians/Bands

When Erol and I take a road trip toward Pittsburgh on business, we invariably get into a, “Name-that-Tune” contest.  He has a remarkable recall for music and can identify the artist and song in no time (except the rap music, of