Noonan’s Views

Walt Wood forwarded this article from Peggy Noonan to me… Why do we do this when you know I am not a terrorist, and you know I know you know I am not a terrorist? …  Our politicians congratulate themselves


A guy goes into confession and says to the priest, “Father, I’m 80 years old, widower, with 11 grandchildren. Last night I met two beautiful flight attendants. They took me home and I made love to both of them. Twice.” The

The Focus of University Leadership

Update –  A provocative article from Thomas Sowell entitled the “Economics of College“.    Sowell makes some fascinating observations for the reason that college costs so much: There are two basic reasons. The first is that people will pay what the colleges

Free Kittens

Little Suzy had a box of very small kittens that she was trying to give away, so she had them out on the street corner with a sign ‘FREE KITTENS’ next to them.  Suddenly a big line of big black

Comparison of Presidential Positions

All three of the leading candidates have answered ten questions on issues ranging from international affairs to domestic issues in this 2008 Presidential Questionnaire at the The Simon Wiesenthal Center: Click this link to download the 17-page PDF document. Hat

One-Way Trip to Mars

NASA was interviewing professionals they were considering to send to Mars. The touchy part was that only one guy could go and it would be a one way trip, the guy never returning to Earth. The interviewer asked the first applicant,

Crimes and Race

An interesting posting at Volokh Conspiracy about the distribution of crimes among major races in the United States: In 2007, about 72,000 persons were convicted of federal crimes. Here’s the breakdown of the defendants by race in the 95% or