Liberal Jews – Part 26

I suppose that it should not surprise me, but it appears that a preponderance of the Journalist subscribers (liberal writers colluding to put their leftist slant on the news) have a liberal Jewish background.  I am very embarrassed…  Take a look at the members list

More on Obamacare

The future of healthcare…  you know, we’re probably going to spend at least the next ten years trying to undo the damage that Obama is doing to our country.

Official Comedian for this Web Site

I was flipping through the televison channels and I came across Steve Byrne on Comedy Central.  I hadn’t heard of him before but I like his brand of humor.  Specifically, he confronts the humor associated with stereotyping head-on.  A natural for this

Quotes for Politicians

These are quotes about cowardice, from StrangeCosmos… useful for the Obama administration: 1. “Pacifism is simply undisguised cowardice.” 2. “The coward threatens when he is safe.” 3. “They have vilified me, they have crucified me. Yes, they have even criticized

Concert with 3 Dog Night

We attended the 3 Dog Night concert at the Fraze this weekend with the Seaman’s and the Gilberts…  Since I’ve raised my sons listening to “my music”,  they also came along to hear some of their favorite songs. The concert