An Ugly Flyers Win

They like to say “a win is a win”, but I’ve seen better basketball at the local rec center in a pick-up game…  I went to the game last night with my buddy, Alan, and we watched the Dayton Flyers eek

Embarassing for Ohio

Sherrod Brown is more embarassing for Ohio than Dennis Kucinich.   Brown actually went on national TV to tell the nation that tax cuts don’t create jobs, unemployment benefits do… How in the world did we end up with a moonbeam

Missy, the TV Star

Update – Michele’s episode on Dr. Oz appeared on national TV yesterday…  It looks like she had a lot of fun! [youtube][/youtube] Nov 22, 2010 – Missy was in New York last week visiting her sister Sharon.  Since Missy is

Quality, Not Quantity

The commanding general at the Russian military academy gave a lecture on Potential Problems and Military Strategy. At the end of the lecture, he asked if there were any questions. An officer stood up and asked, “Will there be a