Bicycling Mishap

We were out doing one of those 20-mile rides north of town on a Monday evening, heading north on Frederick Pike near the Dayton International Airport doing about 20 mph… I decided to get off the main thoroughfare and turned

You Didn’t Build That…

Some great cartoons about the infamous quote from the Manchurian Marxist Moslem…  It’s interesting that very few people commented on Obama’s ostensible support of Socialism back in 2008 when he commented to Joe the Plummer about “spreading the wealth around…”

Obama is Likable?

I alway find this statement: “Can Obama’s likeability save him from defeat?” a little amusing…  I’m incredulous that people find him likable.  Obama’s view is that Government is everything…. He disdains anything to do with entrepreneurship: There are a lot of wealthy,

Discrimination Everywhere

It’s a crazy fricking world… Obama, the imperial president, behaves like he’s been ordained by God to decide what’s best for everyone… Another reason that Obama has to go…Disparity-Proves Discrimination Dogma, Selective Concern for Gender Imbalances.