By Any Means Necessary?

The Leftists in America are becoming unhinged: Churchill said Fascism would take root in the West under the guise of anti-Fascism… My real concern here is the rise of the radical left – those people who believe that their cause

Chicago in Concert in Dayton, Ohio

We attended the Chicago concert at the Rose Music Center last night with a couple of our friends.  It’s hard to believe that the jazz/rock band is celebrating 50 years.  It was a sold-out concert that was extremely well received

3D Printing Conference in Pittsburgh

I recently had the opportunity to talk about additive manufacturing at the RAPID conference in Pittsburgh…  A couple of photos of the downtown looking towards the baseball stadium along with a view of the conference exhibit hall.  

Affirmative Action vs Meritocracy

I’ve explained to many a person, that our culture is still enamored with false pretenses and virtue signaling (also known as Political Correctness). Unfortunately, many day-to-day decisions at universities, government, and other large organizations have very little to do with

Who are the Bad Guys?

Who knows? Perhaps there is still hope in the world… a writer in the Chicago Tribute has observed the obvious: For years, the left has warned that it would be conservatives who would take away people’s basic rights like the