Terrorists… You Must Acquit?

The self-hating Americans (O’bama and company) have decided that terrorists should be tried in our constitutionally-based civil court system… While the political cartoon is humorous, it highlights some of the real challenges of this approach.

Quotes About Stupidity

1. In politics, stupidity is not a handicap. 2. The height of wisdom is often to feign stupidity. 3. Stupidity is not a handicap! Park elsewhere! 4. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. 5. Artificial Intelligence usually beats real

A View on Capitalism from 1948

Harding College put this out this mini-movie in 1948. It explains capitalism in a simple enough form so that even an elementary school child can understand it. I suggest you show it to any young’uns that may be around as you

The Great Kapo

The Jerusalem Post covered Rahm Emanuel’s remarks at the recent Jewish Federation meeting in Washington. Naturally, Mr. Emanuel didn’t have anything orgininal to say other than the standard platitudes…  Most interesting were the various comments by readers: “The goyim will forget his name.

Twin Sons from Different Mothers?

It’s often said that you can’t tell the difference between a Democrat or a Republican… Interesting commentary in the Asia Times: “Former president George W Bush thought that the United States could turn Kabul into Peoria, the archetypal American city in