Have we had Enough?

An insightful commentary from Victor Davis Hanson where he predicts a great push-back across the globe: Europe and the United States are seeing glimpses of the ultimate leftist trajectory — a mixture of Greece and Detroit, de facto non-enforcement of

USA Independence Day

Happy 4th of July… Some tidbits from StrangeCosmos for your celebration: Fifty-six individuals from each of the original 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence. Pennsylvania sent nine delegates for the signing, while Rhode Island, the smallest colony, sent only

What Does the UN Represent?

Clarity from Ted Cruz: There is no equivalency between Israel’s right to self-defense and Hamas’ genocidal aggression against the Jewish people… There is no equivalence between Israel’s extraordinary efforts to protect civilians and Hamas’ use of the Palestinian people as human

Ethnic Stereotypes 

Given the focus of this web site, it is only natural to link to this blog posting: Racist and ethnic stereotypes often arise from common fears of the unknown, with variations on a theme playing out in different ways and

Confederate Flags Bad… Nazi Flags Good

This is typical overplayed reaction… Online retail giant Amazon’s Monday decision to ban the sale of merchandise depicting the Confederate flag has many Americans scratching their heads, as a quick review of Amazon’s site reveals the company still sells Nazi

Liberalism and Judaism

A thought-provoking article about Jews that embrace modern liberalism do not remain as Jews: Take the influential Anti-Defamation League, a group that endlessly peddles grievances (for all Jews, whether we pay dues or not) under the idea of Tikun Olam – which roughly

It’s Now SCOTUSCare

This convoluted logic has become a sign of our times… Judges adjusting legislation from the bench: “…the context and structure of the act compel us to depart from what would otherwise be the most natural reading of the pertinent statutory