Three Sentences to Sum It Up

Another good one from Todd I… These three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current government and cultural environment: 1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Moslems by the actions of a few lunatics,

Definition of ‘Conundrum’

The definition of the word conundrum is: something that is puzzling, or confusing. Here are six conundrums of socialism in the USA : 1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized. 2. Half of

Re-education Camps

Sounds a little like some of the Communist countries during the Cold War…  You can only have thoughts approved by Big Brother: On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins fined safety Don Jones and sent him to “educational training” for tweeting negative comments about

Stereotypes and Expectations

Here we go again. More deplorable race-baiting comments by South Carolina Democrat Congressman Jim Clyburn – this time directed against South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott. Senator Scott has already endured a racial assault coming from North Carolina’s NAACP President

Real Unemployment Rate

From the Federalist, what today’s unemployment rate would look like if the economy had the same labor force participation rate as it did when the recession ended in June of 2009?  It’s more like 10.3% instead of the ‘official’ 6.3%.

Outlawing Bad Thoughts…

I don’t often agree with commentary from Slate, but this makes sense: the process does raise some troubling issues. A private citizen whose private thoughts were audio-taped perhaps illegally has been told he can no longer own his private property

Krazy Kerry and the Anti-Jews

This says it all It’s the Peace Lobby that is frantically struggling to keep its big lie together. Its attacks on Israel are not a show of strength, but a desperate cover-up. From the high chambers where John Kerry suggests