Obama and Ohio State

It’s rather ironic that Obama was speaking at Ohio State University prior to all of these current scandals…  the gist of his speech was ‘you have no reason not to trust big government’.  

Bad News About Grandma

An elderly woman had a massive stroke and her family drove her to the emergency room. After an hour, the ER doctor appeared and with a long face and announced, “I’m afraid grandma is brain-dead, but her heart is still

The Extended Obama Family

I didn’t know this…  if it’s true, it’s pretty incredible and helps to explain much of the national press behavior…  From Mark Steyn: CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that

What’s Happened at the Education Department?

Over the past six decades, the number of students in public schools doubled. Meanwhile, the number of non-teaching staff grew by eight times. Non-teaching staff means assistant principles, associate principals, secretaries, social workers, etc. Twenty-one states now have more school