Dayton Sharks Football

My buddy Dave and I attend the Dayton Sharks Indoor football game at the infamous Hara Arena yesterday.  It was very entertaining and we hope to have the opportunity to attend another game next season.

Dayton Demonz Playoff Hockey

I went to the Dayton Demonz hockey game last night with my buddy, Steve.  Although he’s not a regular hockey fan, even he was impressed with the quality of play in the Federal hockey league.   While the Hara facilities are

Tired Demonz Hockey

I attended the Dayton Demonz hockey game Sunday afternoon, and at first I could not figure out why our 35 and 5 (wins and losses) team was struggling… until I discovered that they were competing with only 6 offensive players

Frustrating Flyer Follies

Missy and I attended the basketball game yesterday vs Temple…  The Dayton Flyers were down 72-71 with 1.3 seconds left and senior center Josh Benson at the foul line with two free tosses – he missed both shots! That’s a