Democrats and Middle East Policy

According to our least favorite news and gossip source, CNN: “Arab governments are looking for change in U.S. policy in the Middle East after the midterm elections… One thing they hope for is that a politically weakened President Bush would talk

What is a “Progressive”?

What do you think it means when a group of people elect to change their well-known moniker or label?  If you haven’t noticed, Democrats that heretofore were known as “Liberals” now refer to themselves as “Progressives”.   You can read about

Mark Twain & The Jews

Mark Twain, the famous American writer from the 19th century, had some interesting comments that he made to Harper’s magazine in 1899: “Jews constitute but 1 percent of the human race…Properly the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he

House without Electricity

We had an interesting weekend… we were at home late Saturday afternoon watching the Ohio State football game, when – poof – the electricity went out.  Since we were experiencing 40 mph winds during most of the day, I immediately

Family, Friends, & Hockey

It was nice to connect with my brother Ronn, cousin Richard, and friend Marc in Columbus last night for dinner and an NHL hockey game.  We had dinner and beers at Gordon Biersch restaurant (I love their heifeweizen beer), and watched

Rocket Launches & Astronauts

I just returned from an interesting business trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida for a meeting of the Aerospace Industries Association.  In addition to the useful gatherings with various folks involved in building airplanes and space vehicles, I got the chance

The Twelve Rules of Christmas

With all of the controversy around separation of church and state, the Rutherford Institute has defined what they consider as the “Twelve Rules of Christmas” for what can or cannot be done in terms of celebrating the holiday: 1. Public