House without Electricity

We had an interesting weekend… we were at home late Saturday afternoon watching the Ohio State football game, when – poof – the electricity went out.  Since we were experiencing 40 mph winds during most of the day, I immediately assumed that this was a result of a tree toppling power lines.  Interestingly, we have at least eight Uninterruptible Power Supplies throughout the house that all play wonderful “tunes” to let us know that our computers, routers, fish tanks, etc., are operating on battery backup.

Since it was getting dark, we decided to have an early dinner, catch a movie, and hope that the electricity would be restored by the late evening.  Well, we drove back into our neighborhood at 9:00pm where we were greeted by an eerie darkness (our neighborhood normally has street lights).  Since our furnace is supplemented by electricity-driven fans, the house was very cold.  We decided to visit my father, and hope that the power would be returned before midnight…

Since Missy’s calls to DP&L led us to believe that the power would not be restored anytime soon, we decided to have a “slumber party” at my father’s house (my first time sleeping there in 25 years).

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