Business Trip to Nashville

I just returned from a business trip to… Nashville?  Yes, that’s right.  Nashville, Tennessee.  No, I wasn’t there auditioning to be a session musician with a country and western group.  I was there with BoMo and Pilly to attend the

Our First Postmodern War?

Victor Davis Hanson just says it so well… I’m not even going to try to elaborate.  Read the excerpt below, which summarizes his view (and mine) about the current war against radical Islam: If you have taught [American] youth for

Top 20 Software Programmer Explanations

The explanations that Software Programmers provided to Testers and users when their software didn’t work as planned: 20. “That’s weird…” 19. “It’s never done that before.” 18. “It worked yesterday.” 17. “How is that possible?” 16. “It must be a hardware

13 Things that Do Not Make Sense

If you’re interested in high-brow technical challenges facing mankind, you’ll like this article in NewScientistSpace.  It identifies and discusses 13 technical issues that don’t have clear explanations.  These include: 1. The placebo effect 5. Dark Matter 12. Not-so-constant constants

Vladimir Ivanovich Palaniuk

He was born in Pennsylvania, of Ukrainian descent and son of a coal miner.  Palaniuk worked in the coal mines until the 1930’s when he started a career as a professional boxer. Using the professional name Jack Brazzo, Vladimir Palaniuk