British Newspapers Out of Touch

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I read a headline from the Guardian newspaper that says “Hopes for peace as Hamas agrees to truce”, it just further convinces me that these folks are used to reading and believing in fairy tales.

Let me refresh your memory by making it clear that Hamas has been consistent with their message: They want to see the destruction of Israel and all of the Jews.  You can water it down as much a you want with the sophistry (translation: “bullshit reasoning”) of lefties such as Jimmy Carter, but the objective is clear.

The fact that Hamas is talking about a ceasefire is a surefire way of knowing that they are in the middle of getting their asses kicked.  The best approach for Israel is to negotiate a ceasefire Iranian-style — i.e., show up at the negotiating table for the next couple of months discussing how you want peace… and in the meantime continue to take out the enemy.

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