Leonard Wins Oratorical Contest

Son Leonard won the Southwestern District speech contest at Optimist International.  This is an annual Optimist Club contest where the student has to write and deliver a 5 minute speech in front of a panel of judges.  The topic this year

Is the War Over?

A great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson… I’ve excerpted some of his comments below: “Do we still need to fight a war on terror? Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, goes further, assuring us that we are terrorized mostly

NBA Playoff Time

I usually ignore the NBA season until April… well, it’s playoff time and the quality of the game has definitely stepped-up a notch.  The video below shows some of the highlights from the playoff games of the last week: [youtube]qMPLMjscwL4[/youtube]

Government Contracts

Here is another funny one from Mark Clower… Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at the White House in Washington DC. One from Florida, another from Tennessee, and the third from New Jersey.  They go with a

How I Learned to Love Al-Jazeera

Ofir Gendelman, a member of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, writes an interesting article about “How I Learned to Love Al-Jazeera“…  (if you’re not aware, Al-Jazeera is the primary Arabic/Moslem news channel)  It’s a very interesting viewpoint.  Read the article…

Tennis Racquets

I typically play tennis around three times per week… I use the Head Ti-S6 tennis racquet (pictured below), which has a very light and stiff titanium-matrix composite frame.   When the racquet was introduced five years ago, it cost approximately $250.  Today,