Tennis Racquets

I typically play tennis around three times per week… I use the Head Ti-S6 tennis racquet (pictured below), which has a very light and stiff titanium-matrix composite frame.   When the racquet was introduced five years ago, it cost approximately $250.  Today, the racquet is no longer manufactured, but I can typically find it for $79.  

I have my racquets strung with “hybrid” strings (i.e., nylon in the mains and synthetic gut in the crosses), and I often use “string savers” to extend the life of my $30 stringing jobs.  I also use Head vibration dampeners to ensure that my racquets don’t have that annoying “ping”.

I ordinarily carry 4 of these Head racquets with me in my tennis bag… Well, I’ve broken the strings on 3 of the racquets in the last week, and I actually had one of the racquets de-laminate at the handle last month.   Thus, I am currently out of tennis racquets.


Maybe it’s an omen from God, or time for me to find another racquet model…


  1. The Ti in your tennis rackets must have been supplied by VSMPO – certainly not TIMET!

  2. I think you should dump the Head rackets and start over with another company. And send the old ones to my office for futher testing.

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