Bombers Win Series Against Cyclones

I went with my buddy, Mike Belcher, last night to watch the Dayton Bombers defeat the Cincinnati Cyclones 5-3 at the “Nutt House”.  This was a great game 7 victory for the Bombers who are now champions of the ECHL Northern Division. 

General Sherman and General Petraeus

For those of you that are students of history, there is a pertinent comparison of developments in Iraq versus those during the US Civil War… This is an excerpt from an interview with Victor Davis Hanson: “Sherman was not liked.

Whirlwind Tour of Northern California

Chris and I had a whirlwind tour of Northern California earlier this week… We had 5 meetings with 4 organizations in 3 cities in 2 days.  On Monday morning, we flew direct from Cincinnati to San Francisco.  Since we had a couple

The Amazing Feldman

A man walks into the street and manages to get a taxi. He gets into the taxi, and the cabbie says, “Perfect timing. You’re just like Frank.” Passenger: “Who?” Cabbie: “Frank Feldman. He’s a guy who did EVERYTHING right ALL the

San Francisco and Drug Use

Having just returned from a business trip to San Francisco, I felt that this comic strip was appropriate…  If you’re not aware the 9th Circuit Court in Northern California is considered the most Liberal in the nation:

Real Gladiator Discovered

This is for you fans of the movie “Gladiator”… A chance discovery by archaeologists has brought to light a mosaic nearly 2,000 years old depicting what may have been a real-life version of the Roman combatant played by Russell Crowe

A Hockey Donnybrook

This is what we hockey players used to call a “donnybrook” (i.e., a major brawl).  This is one heck of a fight between the Ottawa Senators and the Philadelphia Flyers: [youtube]N1-25s4uwFQ[/youtube] 4 min 6 sec