Whirlwind Tour of Northern California

Chris and I had a whirlwind tour of Northern California earlier this week… We had 5 meetings with 4 organizations in 3 cities in 2 days. 

On Monday morning, we flew direct from Cincinnati to San Francisco.  Since we had a couple of hours before our first meeting, we did a quick tour of the Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park…  We drove across the “disabled” Oakland-Bay Bridge for our Monday afternoon meeting with one of our software partners in their Berkeley office (we actually ate lunch at the “Bastion of Liberalism” – Cal Berkeley).  We then drove 2 hours to Sacramento.  On Tuesday morning we spent 4 hours with various engineers and middle managers at a customer site.  We then had a 1 hour working lunch with some executives, followed immediately by another 1.5 hour meeting with another group of engineers.  We immediately got into our car and drove 2 hours to Santa Clara for a 2-hour meeting with another customer.  We then drove to Palo Alto for dinner and a quick tour of Stanford…  whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.


     Collapsed span of bridge                   DZ in Berkeley

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