More Bad News for Microsoft Vista

This is for son Leonard…  PCLaunch notes that the popularity of Windows XP is still making things difficult for Vista. Now Vista has again suffered a major setback, with Lenovo (Olympic 2008′ official sponsor) installing XP on it’s machines to

Mathematicians and Miracles

Over three hundred years ago King Louis XIV of France asked Blaise Pascal, the great French philosopher of his day, to give him proof of the existence of miracles. Without a moment’s hesitation, Pascal answered, “Why, the Jews, your Majesty…

Tennis Master Series in Cincinnati

We visited the Master Series tournament in Cincy yesterday to catch a couple of matches during the qualifying round.  We saw Sebastian Grosjean retire to his fellow Frenchman, even after he won the first set.  We also saw aging tennis

Do I Look Fat?

Strategic responses to the ever dangerous “Do I look Fat” question (courtesy of StrangeCosmos): “No, not to Stevie Wonder.” “Big time! That’s why I’m sleeping with your best friend.” “Does this tie make me look stupid?” “No hablo ingles.” “Yes,

Is Time Travel Possible?

According to an article in the Electrical Engineering Times, researchers at the Technion University in Israel claim they have developed a theoretical model of a time machine that, in the distant future, could enable future generations to travel into the past…