Internet Transcends Life

I had an eerie experience yesterday…  I happened to be cleaning out some of my ‘favorite’ web site links on my laptop computer and came across the bookmark from my deceased best friend David P. Wittman.  Since Dave passed away

Copyrights and Fair Use

There is an interesting posting at TechCrunch that discusses the issue of copyrighted television broadcasts and the fair use of that information.   For example, the NFL likes to state effectively if you’re thinking about discussing last weekend’s game with family and friends,

New York Teacher Arrested?

This is a cute play-on-words provided to us courtesy of Joe Knecht…  NEW YORK — A public school teacher was arrested today at John F. Kennedy International Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a

Blue Jackets Sign Peca

According to an article in ESPN, Michael Peca has signed a contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Evidently, he got tired of waiting around for the New York Rangers to make a deal so he signed with the Columbus NHL franchise.  My fellow hockey

Moslems Murder Hindus

As if they don’t have enough enemies in the Western nations, the Moslems have decided they should murder some Hindus as well.  According to a recent article in Associated Press,  “A pair of almost simultaneous bombings blamed on Islamic extremists

Democrats Preach Virtue of Labor Unions

This is an amusing outlook on what drives an economy…  According to a recent article in Newsday, “Democratic presidential candidates argued Saturday night that organized labor is an essential part of the nation’s economy…”  Hmm, I can certainly understand the