MTV and Bin Laden

I glanced at the news headlines in Yahoo this morning and I thought “hmm, it appears that MTV is publicizing a new music video”…  You have to admit that it’s pretty odd for the new services to be providing public

Hatred of Jews

A very interesting article in the Washington Post from Dennis MacShane.  He is the Labor member of the British House of Commons, and his comments include: Hatred of Jews has reached new heights in Europe and many points south and

Modern Version of Borg .vs. McEnroe

If you’re tired of seeing the American Express commercial where John McEnroe supposedly apologizes to the tennis umpire, I have a humorous alternative for you.  Take a look at this advertisement that is running on the television in Europe: [youtube]9wDzPvNzbzE[/youtube] 50 sec

Business in Arizona Desert

I’ve just returned from a business trip to Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona…  This is my fourth time in the last four years that I’ve ended up in the Arizona desert in August.  The temperatures in Phoenix on Wednesday reached 117