A Lesson in History

A little history lesson: If you don’t know the answer, make your best guess.  Answer all the questions before looking at the answers. Who said it? 1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common

Copyrights and Permissions

In the world of intellectual property and copyrights, the common thought is: “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than get permission.”  Well… according to a posting from Eugene Volokh (Professor of Law at UCLA), this may not always be the case: “When

Are There Really Jewish Republicans?

There is a recent article in Haartez discussing the notion of Jewish Republicans.  The ideas are not very original, and the conclusions are very weak: “If you’re a Jewish Republican, the level of stupidity is beyond belief,” humorist Lewis Black,

A Definition for “Hate Speech”

You’ve got to love Mike Adams…  As a professor of criminology, he has a very clear view of human interactions, and he doesn’t mince words when describing his views of reality.  He has a recent article where he describes his definition

Both Sides Can Have Preconditions

If you’ve been paying attention to those wacky Palestinians, you realize that they like to establish “preconditions” for even meeting to discuss peace.   Conditions such as you shall all walk to borders from 1948, you will leave all your cities,

Bicycling Torture Course

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and rather than laying around the house, I decided to challenge my “Bicycling Torture Course”.   This is the 15-mile route that crosses the Stillwater river three times and has the Dayton-version of the Tour

Modern Judaism

Most of you may know of the Western Wall of the Jewish Temple. This is the place in Jerusalem where for thousands of years Jews walk up to the stones with great reverence.  In the modern version depicted below, it’s now: