Al Gore and Jimmy Carter

Question: What do Al Gore and Jimmy Carter have in common? Answer: They are both failed, left-wing hypocrites that are more appreciated by the Nobel committee than they are by the American people. You can see this in spades when

US Postal Service & Moslems

You were probably unaware that the United States Postal Service issued a stamp promoting Moslem holidays…  If you look at a picture of the stamp below, it almost looks like a Christmas tree.  However, upon closer examination, it’s evident that

Jewish Soccer Star

Here’s a name that you don’t typically read from the Encyclopedia of Jews in Sports — Benny Feilhaber.  His family moved from Austria to South America prior to the Holocaust, and he grew up playing soccer in Brazil.  He moved

Jamming Radar

You may recall seeing the news that Israeli warplanes attacked a suspected nuclear site in Syria… The venerable Aviation Week & Space Technology came out with its guesses as to how Israel was able to bypass the Syrian air defense

Ten Most Violent Movies

The ListUniverse site has a interesting posting on the ten most provocative scenes from violent movies.  This is a nice article because you can view the video outtakes from the likes of “Natural Born Killers”, “Fight Club”, “The Departed”, etc.  Take a look