Mother’s Day

From StrangeCosmos… quotes from famous mothers: ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S MOTHER: “Again with the stovepipe hat, Abe? Can’t you just wear a baseball cap like the other kids?” BATMAN’S MOTHER: “It’s a nice car, Bruce, but do you realize how much the

A Mandate Provides Liberty?

When I first saw the Orwellian title, I had to stop and take a second look.  Indeed, a couple of Leftist authors titled their article. “Yes, the Health-Care Mandate Is About Liberty“.  Hmmm, they used quaint observations such as: The

Government Gone Wild

Evidently there’s a group of folks taking a position against large government.  It’s a concise video that presents a clear picture of where the economy is heading… [youtube][/youtube]      

Drinking at the Pub

Here’s a good one from the Slickmesiter… I was in a pub on Saturday night were I had a few drinks. I noticed two very large women by the bar. They both had strong accents so I asked “Hey, are you two