Cavs Still Mixed Up

The team lacks personnel chemistry and it’s hard to force the issue: They changed coaches. Everything else about the Cavaliers looked the same.And as if they don’t have enough problems, new coach Tyronn Lue said they’re out of shape. Lue

A Modern Day Kapo

Update It appears that I’m not the only one that is very critical of the Kapo from Illinois: Rep. Peter Roskam (R., Ill.), co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, lashed out at the administration, chastising it for seeking to

Just Another Democrat Communist

Those Democrats love the Marxist point of view: As polls tighten and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders looks more like a serious contender than a novelty candidate for president, the liberal media elite have suddenly stopped calling him socialist. He’s now

Kerry is an Idiot

Rest assured that this is a bad omen: Secretary of State John Kerry declared that the world became a safer place today as the Obama administration repealed sanctions on Iran. Source: Kerry: ‘Today Marks the First Day of a Safer