Is ‘Climate Change’ Really Our Biggest Challenge?

Human nature indicates that people are inherently superstitious.  In fact, this human frailty historically has been one of the major attractions of religion for many people.  That is, the rank and file have been coerced to believe that adherence to religious beliefs will help ensure ‘good luck’.  While this is rather simplistic analysis, this flaw in human reasoning has been the basis for tyrannical control over a population for more than 1000 years.

Unfortunately, our modern politicians have latched onto the same allure of superstition and how it can be used to maintain leverage over voting citizens.  All hard working American are now being duped to believe that anything that happens ‘bad’ is the result of ‘climate change’.  This can range from a heavy snowstorm to viral-infected mosquitos to depressed pets, and frisky cats.    The implicit message that you can distill from these exclamations is this simple message: If you had sent more of your money to Washington, problem X would not have occured.

In my view, we are much more likely to experience a financial catastrophe from unhindered spending than calamity from man-made climate change.  Any major destruction of the earth is much more likely to be the result of astronomical anomalies such as meteors, asteroids, or sun spots than it is the result from burning West Virginia coal.  Of course, this reality doesn’t support the position of those that want to rule your life.

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