Why Shouldn’t Everything be Free?

The notion that getting things for free is a human right is being popularized by Sanders and Clinton.  It’s the corollary to socialism in that it promotes the idea the someone else is covering the cost of everything for your benefit.

Digital Work Instructions

There is an interesting white paper about smart manufacturing and digital work instructions at the DISCUS Software Company web site.   This paper provides 7 insights into what’s necessary to bring electronic work instructions to the marketplace. It provides a nice backgrounder

Is Hockey Done in Dayton?

I recently attended the Dayton Demolition hockey game at Hara Arena and started pondering whether this could be the end of the 50 year old structure in Northwest Dayton.   In the last 7 years, Dayton hockey fans have moved from the

Obama and the ‘Ministry of Truth’

A good editorial from Howie Carr who comments about Leftist political correctness: Whatever a bum — er, Occupier — grabs is invariably called an “entitlement.” He’s entitled … to your money. On the other hand, if you use your own