Obama and the ‘Ministry of Truth’

A good editorial from Howie Carr who comments about Leftist political correctness:

Whatever a bum — er, Occupier — grabs is invariably called an “entitlement.” He’s entitled … to your money. On the other hand, if you use your own earnings to buy stocks and now receive dividends, that’s “unearned income.”

A Communist is now a Democratic Socialist. (Ask Bernie.) A criminal investigation by the FBI is now a “security review.” (Ask Hillary.) Letting male sex offenders loiter in women’s restrooms — gender equality. Outlawing gender equality — a hate crime. (Ask North Carolina.)

Higher taxes are an “investment in the future” — their future, not yours. A teachable moment — an opportunity to lecture you on your shortcomings. Dialogue — see teachable moment. Affirmative action — racial discrimination on behalf of Democrats.

Drunkards and drug addicts now have substance-abuse disorders. They are chemically dependent. Illegal aliens are undocumented workers, even though most of them don’t work. They live in the shadows, except for when they’re going to the State House on weekdays during business hours to issue non-negotiable demands for more handouts.

An earned income tax credit is a welfare payment for someone who doesn’t pay taxes, and thus cannot receive a “credit.” A subsidy is likewise a handout if it goes to any industry that actually produces something, in which case it’s “crony capitalism.” But if the subsidy goes to Democratic bundlers running bust-out “green” energy companies that produce no energy — that’s a “smart” investment.

If a conservative caves to a Democrat, it’s a “compromise.” If a Republican changes his position, it’s a “flip-flop.” If a Democrat does the same, he or she has “grown” or “evolved.” If a Republican sells out his constituents, he receives a Profile in Courage Award. If a Democrat changes his position, he gets indicted. (See Sen. Robert Menendez.)

Source: Carr: New Dem glossary

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