The USA Inflection Point

In the business world, venture capitalists like to talk about the “inflection point” — that spot in time where a decision pushes an organization towards decisive success… or failure.

My father-in-law used to love to give me his views on a dynamic world by exclaiming: “Stan, there is nothing as permanent as change” (when he first asked me for my name, I told him “it’s Dan”. He thought I said “Stan”). Of course, ask any historian about the collapse of great legacies in Rome, China, or anywhere else, and they’ll tell you that all dynasties come to an end.

Mark my words… come back and visit this page when I’m gone… the election of the Manchurian Marxist Moslem has greatly accelerated the demise of our great country. At best, we are in for an extended period of malaise and unemployment as we emulate those great (sarcasm alert) European social countries. The more likely is a rapid decline of our material wealth and a strong move towards greater tyranny or greater anarchy.

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