40% of US Children Born To Single Moms

This is an interesting headline.  It makes you stop and ponder the potential consequences of this trend.  Given my experience helping to raise two sons, it certainly doesn’t ‘take a village’ to raise your kids, but it most definitely helps to have two parents to share the duties.

40 Percent of All US Childbirths Occur to Single Mothers, 700 Percent Higher than in 1960…

This is bad news, because good families depend on good marriages. Marriage is the moral glue that binds them.  It’s the stabilizing agent.  There’s a reason that children from married couples do better in school, and are less likely to end up in jail as compared to children of unmarried mothers

Source: 40 Percent Of Kids Now Born To Single Moms—Up 700 Percent Since 1960

My assumption is that this situation has a direct impact on the education of elementary school children.  Many people think you just drop your kids off at school and it’s the teachers’ job to feed and educate them.  As a parent, I discovered that at least 50% of your children’s learning success is based on efforts that take place at home.  Our family would have been severely challenged without my wife’s dedication (e.g., ensuring that our sons’ memorized their multiplication tables in the 3rd grade).


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