A Common Democrat Debate Position


Here is an incompetent Leftist Democrat that is leveraging two of the positions identified in the original June 9 posting (see below). The Mayor of Chicago, which is a city now suffering a spate of felonious crimes, has claimed “Racism And Sexism are Driving About 99% of Criticism Over Chicago Crime Wave”.


June 9, 2021

Do you see a pattern here?  For the Democrat leadership, there is no need to participate in a substantive discussion about pros, cons, or cost/benefits.   They just describe the other party as being totally unqualified and not worthy of consideration by resorting to cheap ad hominem attacks:

Fauci – “…the attacks on me are attacks on science.”

Obama – “…you only disagree with me because you’re racist.”

Warren – “…you don’t like my position because you’re a sexist/misogynist.”

Omar – “-…you don’t like what I say because you’re islamophobic.”


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