A Jewish Father’s Logic

Moshe is waiting on the platform at the station. He notices a Jewish man standing nearby and asks him for the time. But the man ignores him. Moshe then asks him again, and the man responds in the same way.

Frustrated, Moshe asks ‘Excuse me, but I’ve asked you for the time twice, why are you ignoring me’

Suddenly, the man looks up and says,

‘We’re both waiting for the train, if I answer you, then when we get on the train you will come and sit next to me, we will probably start talking, and I may invite you to my house for Shabbat, there you will meet my daughter, you will probably like her, you may eventually want to marry her, and to be honest with you, WHY WOULD I WANT A SON IN LAW WHO CAN’T AFFORD A WATCH?”

As I told Slick when he sent me this joke… I think I know this guy!

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