A Newbies View on “24″

I hadn’t really heard of the Fox television action series starring Kiefer Sutherland until recently… Son Leonard and I started watching 24 with the back-to-back 2-hour episodes that launched their 2007 season.   We were impressed enough with some of the rugged viewpoints on terrorism that I decided to rent a few of the DVDs from last season.  After catching about four episodes from last year (note: it’s nice watching a TV series on DVD.  A one hour show is approx. 40 minutes without commercials) and watching the current episode last night, I’ve made the following observations:

1) Jack Bauer makes James Bond look like a lazy bureaucrat… This Bauer guy gets into more fights, shoot-outs, and car chases in 24 hours than 007 does in a month of sleuthing.  I really enjoy watching Jack pistol-whipping just about everyone but the lunch waitress;  But, as I watched the action-packed episodes, one after another, it just started losing its believability.

2) Many Lefties have been concerned that Moslems are depicted as terrorists (everyone knows that Moslems never commit terrorist acts — just ask them).  In reality, the show portrays Moslems as the victims — whether it’s the Moslem detainees in the make-shift prison or the Moslem government employees that are at the receiving end of profiling.  It appears that the show is insinuating that it is really the rich white guys behind the scenes that are responsible for the nuclear explosion — they’re really the bad guys that are blowing things up for the money.

I think I’ve had enough.

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