Learning About a Friend’s Practical Knowledge

I’ve previously written about the innocuous statements from seemingly intelligent people.  These are people with advanced degrees and an apparent understanding of what makes the world go around…

When talking to a friend about the weather, which turned into a discussion about climate change, he proclaimed: “You have to agree that the science is settled”… Hmm.

When discussing with a second friend about the lack of any leadership track record exhibited by Obama, I was met with this statement: “You have to admit that Obama is very intelligent”… Hmm.

Most recently, when meeting with a third friend over dinner and discussing the most important challenges to the US economy, he responded:  “You have to be concerned about income inequality”… Hmm,  I gave him an incredulous look and asked:  What are your typical sources of information about the economy?  He replied, “Huffington Post, Salon, and the New York Times”.

You can learn much by asking simple questions and avoiding comments on the crazy answers…


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